Thursday, February 26, 2009

This week in pictures.

I cuddle with one of the neighbor's baby at Grandma Venecua's house

Filipe- looking oh so cool as usual! Meet Magnum- the newest puppy in town! This week has been incredibly crazy. We started off the week by making the first of several Airport runs to pick up Nat and Salena Zook, visitors from the U.S. who were short term visitors here for quite a while before we arrived last year. They are here for a month. Then after one day at home, we drove back to the airport to pick up Ron, Barb, Tom and Mary and of course- Magnum- the newest member of the missionary team here in Mucombeze (he's under the security category). Then wednesday we turned around and drove Ron and Barb BACK to the airport, and spent two hours waiting for Nat and Salena's luggage to show up (it didnt!). Its been crazy with so many trips to town. The best part of the week though (aside from welcoming so many good freinds) has been the time we spent visiting orphan widow homes in the last few days. Here are some pictures from the last few days- they say more than I ever could. :)

Nat peeks out of Grandma Venecua's new home to say Hello! to Filipe.

Our reason for visiting was to install some nice new window shutters to put the finishing touches on the home. Here Gabriel prepares to put in one window.

Marco uses a chisel to make sure the shutters fit just right!

Mibia and Francisco were really excited to see Salena, who they had gotten to know during her time here in 2007. Mibia and Francisco are the two orphans who have moved to Chitundu to stay with another orphan and widow family so they can continue their education!

Tom (another visitor- Ron from mercy air is his brother in law!) finds out how much Filipe loves to give thumbs up!

Gabriel shows Francisco how to use the power drill- very cool for these kids!!!

Mibia and Francisco's food and cooking supplies.

When we came back today- Francisco had already decorated the window frames!!!

I had the priviledge today of handing out the nice t-shirts decorated by the kids at Dawson Settlement Baptist church- where several of my family members attend.

Esther and her mother Marosa were really excited about the shirts- Marosa kept saying Obrigada (thank you) the entire time we were taking pictures!

Gina and her Brother (not pictured) desperatly needed shirts. Almost EVERY time we see them they are in matching VBS t-shirts that were given to them by the mission over a year ago!

Mibia and Francisco are holding a picture of the kids who decorated the shirts!

Please continue to pray for us here- we are gearing up for a very busy few months, and also preparing for Dwight and Lynn's departure next week. We are excited to see what God has for us in the next little while. God Bless,

Rick & Heather

And finally- three beautiful smiles to finish out this post! Salena with Vira and Angelina ( two little girls who suggested she marry Nat- good idea girls!!! )

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