Friday, March 20, 2009


Pastor Paulo's daughter brings her offering during the Sunday Service.

This week we had the opportunity to not only be a blessing to an Amor Orphan Program in Honde, but also be blessed in return. The past two weeks we have been purchasing items and packing up orphan care packs, to bring to Pastor Paulo's church. These Orphan Care Packs were funded by donors from Canada and the United States, as part of our Unique Christmas Gifts program.

Salena and I organising the care packages.

All packed up and ready to go!

Each Orphan child recieved some clothing, soap, school supplies, sweets, a toy or hair things, colored bandaids, balloons, toothbrush and stickers. They also recieved 2 Kilos of Beans, 1 Kilo of Rice, 1 Kilo of Salt, and a bar of laundry soap. Each orphan family group also received a water jug (20 litre), and a warm blanket for the cold winter nights.

Waiting patiently!

Davide ( he wants to be the president one day) comes up to recieve his care package.

The orphan kids.. just itching to get into the bags!!

Pastor Paulo washes Rick hands - they provided a meal of rice and beans for us, as well as a love offering of fruits and veggies.

Ill let the pictures tell most of the story, but the one thing that really struck me was that the people insisted on giving US a love offering of fruits and vegetables- it is incredibly humbling to accept a gift of food, from those who have so little. Thank you to all those who gave towards our unique christmas gifts campaign. Those donations do make a huge difference in lives of so many!

Some of the kids just couldnt help but DIVE right in!

Rick trys to get big smiles.. and ends up with lots of laughter!

Salena beautifies some fingernails!

the girls (and all the adult ladies) LOVED the nailpolish they got in their packs!

Rick was trying his best to get them to smile big.. i'm not sure the littlest one was quite sure what to do with him.

This little guy was so cute- and was ENTIRELY thrilled with his new bright yellow car toy!

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