Thursday, February 12, 2009

Errands Errands Errands and a day of Rest!

Ron and Barb (the folks that head up Mercy Air) recruited us to help wipe down and shine up the Beech airplane before a trip up to Chimoio- they are staying at our farm for the night while we stay at their base!!! :) (and yes.. i did help too.. but someone has to take the pictures you know!!)
I think you missed a spot hun!!
Well, our time in South Africa is almost done. We leave Saturday morning for the LONG drive back up to the mission base. We have spent the last two weeks getting numerous errands done- picking up many different things. Trips down to South Africa almost allways include a long list of items needed on the farm- this trip we picked up 350 irrigation sprinklers, pvc elbow joints, and sheep vaccines just to name a few.
Just one of the items on the list of things to get done was a haircut for me- I went from hair way way past my shoulders to this!! AHHHH! Its so much cooler!! The bakkie attempting to make it to the fishing pond. (this "route" was labelled a 4x2 route, our 4x4 overheated and we had to stop and let it cool down. sheesh)
We also got a quote on a new truck for us- and will soon be making a video to help get out the word on our campaign to raise funds for a decidely more reliable vehicle! On this trip aside from minor repairs, and a check-up our truck has done ok, although it continues to overheat on hills and has recently taken up sporadically locking and unlocking the central lock doors every time we use the brakes- go figure!
Yes- this is a REAL roadsign- honest. And you thought hitting a moose was bad!!! (yet another reason why a good quality bakkie with "bull bar" is essential!!)
This past Monday night we headed to a farm about two hours from here- called Beth Shean (Hebrew for House of Rest). They have simple cottages to rent at really cheap prices- and they also have fly fishing, and (if you pay the trophy tag) plains game hunting. We went mostly to check the place out, and were delighted to find the place relaxing, peaceful, and exactly what we needed! We were only there for 24 hours, but we left feeling refreshed!
Rick loves to flyfish, so this place was great for him.. and I love to take good pics.. so this place was great for me too! Thank you all again for your prayers- we know that those prayers are what keep our Bakkie(pick-up) running safely on these long long trips on bad roads. We will apreciate those prayers this weekend as we drive the EN1 yet again!
God Bless,
Rick & Heather This little guy keeps invading our apartment here at Mercy Air- he's actually only about two inches long from nose to tip of tail!!

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L. Lagore said...

Great pictures, good post. And that little guy at the end, he's just helping you not be homesick for his cousins back in Moz :D