Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost time!!!!

Well, it is almost time for us to head to Africa- as I write this blog my "facebook countdown" is informing me that I have 7 days, 15 hours and 23 minutes until we get to africa! WOW!
Our friend Sheila celebrating her dutch blitz win!
This past week we spent time with friends, beginning our busy rounds of visiting homes to have one last chance to visit with everyone before we leave. On tuesday we took Bebeto and Suely out for dinner to say Thanks for all their help. They suggested we try Churrascaria Devon, in Curitiba. Not only was this place decently priced, but the food was AWESOME, the service GREAT and the Bathrooms were soooo cool. They had sensors for movement that turned the lights on and off (to conserve energy), and a Dental floss dispenser!!!! Gotta love that! The part that made me laugh most though, was the plastic security strips they used to secure our purses to our chairs- you had the get them cut off before leaving!
Although we still struggle with understanding what is said in the church sevices, we know we will miss our church here. The worship is great, and we love the fellowship we have with people.
Andriel and Isack playing drums for worship!
This week we are booked EVERY night to go to places for dinner- and on saturday we are having a brazillian version of a going away party -described to me as - the whole world giving us a hug! Sounds good to me! We are going to the pizzeria here in town for some great food and good fellowship! Please continue to pray for us, as we enter this last week here in Brazil. It is so exciting to be so close to leaving.. and yet it will be hard to go at the same time. Please pray for travel safety, customs and immigration in South Africa to go smoothly and that we will be able to find everything we need in South Africa. We appreciate your prayers soooo much and look forward to posting pictures etc, from Africa! Hopefully we will be able to post once more from Brazil. Also, thanks for checking out our resource page! Our video was downloaded more than 45 times!!! God Bless,
Rick and Heather

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Jennell said...

that is an interesting idea...the bag thing. I never would have thought of that! And its only like 5 days gone so fast! Here in Korea too...I've already been here over a month!