Sunday, August 19, 2007

Preparing for Mozambique

ok- so im sure there are a variety of theories out there as to how one should go about preparing for a big move to a foreign country and culture but here is the "neufeld africa move preparation method"!
First: we moved into a garage- we are assuming that the lack of running water, and many modern conveniences will be a good step towards the tent we will most liley be occupying for a good chunk of time upon our arrival in Africa. We have even allowed there to be centimetre wide gaps in the one wall ( where we will soon have properly installed garage doors), to allow the many flies and spiders to find their way into our home. I hear there are lots of bugs in Africa. :) heres the garage- a mess i know but you try fitting a whole house in one room. its an organised mess- really!
Second: we started language lessons- we are "studying"portuguese with a wonderful lady from our church. Her first language is Portuguese, and she is from Brazil- she is very good at speaking the language, and allthough she is not so good at speaking English, we are definetly beginning to understand portuguese a lot more. We arent really speaking it well yet, but I can understand more and more each week. The best was when her spanish speaking friend came over and we had dessert together- i spoke no spanish or portuguese, the friend spoke only spanish, Elsa spoke spanish and portuguese- but very little english! It made translating very interesting!! It is good to spend time with her though, as it really helps us understand what it feels like to be in a situation where we dont understand the language- much like in Africa!!!
Third ( and most importantly :) ): I have decided I need to get over my fear of snakes! Oh yes- i heather am terrified of the little (and big) slithering yucky ugly hissing snakes. Ick. I hate them. And Im terrified out my mind when i see one. I even swerve the car to avoid them on the road so my car doesnt touch them. So yesterday rick and I stopped at the Narcisse garter snake pits to see some snakes- we are starting slow with non poisenous totally none threatening snakes. But unfortunatly no snakes were around when we went-rick was a little dissapointed. (me too) But today we found a nice little garter snake when we were out four-wheeling. AND I TOUCHED IT! yep. i was pretty proud of myself, and to my suprise it wasnt slimy at all.
So there you have it- the neufeld preparation method- im sure more steps will come... keep watching for updates!!! :)

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Lynn said...

Snakes, Portuguese and inconvenience...yep. Sounds like you're definitely getting geared up for Mz!