Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Newsletter still "almost" on the way!

Hey all- sorry no newsletter in the mail yet! But soon- i promise! This past month has just flown by and we have both been so busy! Rick got called away to speak at the Bible Camp we used to direct as their speaker for the week cancelled, I have been getting more hours at work and we have finally moved into our little garage apartment. We are still transferring our belongings over, but it is nice to just be in here! It has been a long time coming! And currently we are house sitting two different houses for friends who are on vacation- there is a bunch of miscellaneous farm animals at the one place so that makes life even more interesting. :)
I will begin printing and folding newsletters this week, and once our prayer cards are back from the printers they will go in the envelopes too and then off to the mail.
We still really feeling God telling us that next feburary /march will be our departure time, but even so- our debt is still so high and the amount we need to raise for support seems so unreachable, please pray with us that we can reach these goals! We know God is faithful to those He has called for a purpose, please pray that we will continue to lean on Him, and to trust that He can make a way. Anyway- id better be getting ready for work- God Bless- heres a pic of us reacting to the statement " Your moving out of the house into the garage" spoken by Rick's mom! Not sure how many people would have reacted this way to that statement, but oh well!

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Lynn said...

We'll trust the Lord with you guys as you work toward getting here. He WILL help you over the hurdles that at times seem overwhelming!