Monday, September 17, 2007

..and they are off!!!!!

Well, the newsletters have been sent to nearly everyone, although a few remain here waiting to be sent! After what seemed like a forever long delay waiting for our prayer cards to arrive, we finally received them and quickly sent out as many letters as we could! It feels good to at least have this first mailing behind us! Hopefully soon we will begin hearing back from folks, either signing up to support us or receive our newsletter updates or to be on our prayer team! We have had a busy summer, but we finally seem to be into a routine- being in our own "place" sure helps. Lately we have been busy researching shipping options, so if anyone has "connections" let us know! We have had some interest with people wanting to donate clothing, toys, medical supplies etc, and it looks like buying the generator we are going to need out there (just a small 6.5 KW gas powered) is going to be WAY cheaper here than there! So we are trying to see if getting some stuff shipped to Mozambique will be worth the cost! There is so much to think about though- duties, import issues, customs, freight charges and so much more! Sometimes i spend hours on the computer just researching different questions we have about this whole adventure. Please pray with us as we continue to prepare!

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