Sunday, July 8, 2007

Newsletter is on the way! (almost!)

Well, I have written our first newsletter and hope to have it on the way by the end of the month, im working on our address database, and we still need to get a prayer card picture done and printed! Yikes. Anyways, it was quite an accomplishment for me to figure out enough of this new VISTA stuff just to get the newsletter done, so I am pretty proud of myself. If you are not sure if we have your mailing address, please feel free to email us and give us your address, we will make sure to add it to our list! And the other big news from last week is that some work happened on the garage!! WOOHOO- the roof went on and the connecting walls were finished. Now the electrician and drywallers can do their thing- just as soon as the boys shingle the roof. Well, This is a short blog, Im trying out a new way of getting these posts online, so im just testing with this one! God Bless,

Rick and Heather

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Francois & Alta Rauch said...

Have'nt been visiting for some time. KEEP GOING ..... good luck with all the "new" things in becoming a missionary. Bless ya both!