Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our new Addition!

Our new "family logo"... how cute is this!!!

No... we aren't adding on to the house already- instead we are adding on to our family! You may have noticed the blog has been neglected this last month, but ive got a really really really good reason! Little Ryan Antonio joined our family on August 6th, and along with all our normal busy-ness we have been getting things ready for his arrival! Please join us in welcoming- 


 Age 3, Likes: toy cars, stuffed animals, anything he can eat, sleeping, and playing with his big sister. Dislikes: going for drives in the truck- it makes him anxious and car sick, being told "NO", when dogs run at him, or bath toys that "swim"!

 Early July was spent getting into a bit of a routine with our homeschooling! We are loving the sonlight program we are using!
 I spent a few days with our colleague Leila recovering our dining room chairs! (they turned out great, though I have a feeling ill need to add more padding eventually!)

 we installed our bathtub (those are just candles at the far end)
 Tendai has been attending ballet lessons with in town after our playgroup meetings. She loves the teacher- a Canadian lady who came here to do something completly different, but has ended up finding her niche as a dance instructor here! (she was a professional ballerina in Canada)

 Tendai also had her much longed for "long curly hair like Nede's" put in. ... took forever and drove me, Gladys and her nearly insane, but thankfully it will last at least til September- so.. one entire day of hair, means no real hair issues for nearly two months! (will take us just as long to get them out though! ACK!)

Very happy to have her long hair!

 At the End of July all the missionaries were teaching at the weeklong Intensive Seminars for our Pastor Monitors and Supervisors. There were several graduates this time around so we got to get all dressed up on Sunday for the graduation service.
 Tendai, and Chupicai (one of the amigo orphans)
 the graduates tossing their caps
 Family photos
 We also had visitors who helped us deliver the orphan food For the month of August.  At one of the homes we found this sitting/sleeping mat that one of the young children was making.
 Delivering food supplies to Mae Farece's house.
Our visitors
 We also had several visits with Ryan Antonio before he came to stay with us. Here is his first visit to our house, playing with daddy and Tendai.
 Then, the day before his 3rd Birthday, (his bday is August 7th) he came to stay! He came with several friends from the orphanage and we had a great party to welcome him home, and celebrate his birthday!

 really really cool (read "dangerous") birthday cake candles.
 Sharing cake with Daddy and Tendai
 First bath- laughing at daddy's soap beard.
 Happy Birthday Ryan! I have to say- we've got a pretty good looking family- (well , at least the kids!)
 Playing with his new cars.
 Introducing Ryan to the staff.
 Painting with Mommy and Tendai
 Learning how to drink out of a sippy cup.
 Working on our fine motor skills.
 More painting!
 Wrestling with daddy!
 playing in the sprinkler- this was not mom approved. but by the time we saw them playing there (instead of the sandbox where they were supposed to be) they were drenched, so we just let them go nuts.
 We visited the sheep.
 And the cows.
 and sat thru Big sister's Ballet Lesson.
 Had a blast playing with the wagon!

and went for a few walks!
 We also spent some time helping Lovemore plant a small garden- so far its been a sucess so we are contemplated an expansion project.
 The mission's garden had an ABUNDANCE of tomatoes this year, so we were able to distribute some to the orphan homes.

 and purchase some for ourselves as well- me and Gladys decided to tackle the job of canning them head on- pretty proud of ourselves when the day was done! I had never canned anything before.. EVER, and to do it without the proper jars, or the proper tools, lets just say i was quite proud!
We also have been working to finish up the odds and ends around the house, like putting the backing on our kitchen island, and the handles on all our cupboard doors and drawers, get the screen porch screened, and rat proof the roof. Its been a lot of work, but so satisfying to see the job done, and how great everything is turning out. 

Please continue to pray for us , our ministry, our health, and our finances. We are still carrying a fairly significant debt from the house materials etc, and we really would like to have it paid off, and SOON! This house has already been a blessing to us, and to the folks we have been able to host so far. We look forward to it being a place of rest, refreshing and fellowship for many many years to come.

Our family could also use your prayers as we adjust to being a family of four, instead of three, and to having an already three year old son, whom we only just barely know, yet who already has a whole set of likes and dislikes, etc! Its a big adjustment for us all, in particular Ryan and Tendai. 

Mozambique could also use your prayers. The closer we get to the elections later this year, the more uncertainty and speculation there is. The main opposition party is threatening boycotts/ demonstrations and violence if their list of terms is not conceded to. Please pray that cooler heads will prevail. Pray that both sides will be willing to make comprimises to move the discussion forward. Mozambique has come so far in the the last 20 years, and there is NOONE here who wants to see a return to war.

Thank you again for your prayers- we all got over last months bout of Tonslitis/ Malaria no problems, and have been doing well. Praise the Lord!

God Bless,
Rick, Heather, Tendai & Ryan!

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