Saturday, July 6, 2013

Moving Day has come and gone!!!

Well. That was rather anticlimatic dont you think? After years of working on this house, we finally moved in last monday, June 24th.  As we had been slowly moving stuff over for weeks, I didnt even think to take a picture of the event, but we are mostly moved in now, and LOVING it! We still need to get the last of our belongings from the old cottage, and do a lot of cleanup and work over there, but we officially IN the new house now!
We absolutely LOVE being here- it has been such a blessing for Tendai to have a room,  and if all goes well, we may even be adopting another child soon to put in our second bedroom! (Dont worry, we still have a guest room for visitors! LOL)
Here's a few pics (i think i may have posted some of these before, but here they are anyways!)

 Main room from the entryway.
 Dining area
 Kitchen area (Island still needs the backing on it, the kickplate still has to go on all the cupboards and the countertop needs to be epoxied and secured)
 Main room from the hallway. Will definetly be needing curtains sooner than later.... i feel like i live in a fishbowl!
 Me.. I feel like im teaching a cooking class every time i cook!
 Our bedroom. weve got a double bed duvet cover trying to act as a throw cover on our two singles, and its sister up there on the window trying to be our curtains... ill get curtains eventually im sure.
 Tendais room- thats her bed from our old house, cut down to size and ready for use as a "big girl bed". :) Beside it is the refrigerator box which makes a great hideaway!
 Organized toys and clothes... love it.
 our bathroom. The sink was made for us by a potter in white river south africa, her work is beautiful and is remarkably well priced (even cheap!) compared to buying a regular sink!
main bathroom.. its useable, but everything is kinda "half installed" :)

Although we are moved in now, there is still work that needs to be done. The porch and verandah do not have floors, the yard needs to be put back together and landscaped after all the trenches and pits that have been dug. The guest room and bath need to be painted, and have the plumbing etc installed,  the main bath is still a work in progress, touchup paint after the replastering in all the bathrooms need to be finished, etc etc. And of course, we still have to pay back the mission's general fund for the loan we took to order the materials and items from South Africa. If you would be willing to help in this area, please let us know. You can give online thru our website or by mailing directly to our head office in Edmonton. Instructions for online giving, and the address of the office can be found here.  If mailing please make sure to mark donations for "Mozambique Childrens Ministry" (which is our ministry needs fund designation) so they can be sure to get to the right place!

Thank you so much to the many many many many people who have prayed for us, contributed towards our needs and worked alongside us as we have built this home literally from the ground up over the last two and a half years. We are so grateful for your love and support. We have decided to name our home "Shekinah House"- Shekinah has several meanings, but most centre around indicating the Old Testament "dwelling of the presence of God". We want our home to be a place where we, and many others can find rest and find peace, in God's Presence. It is our dwelling, our home. The word is also a nod to Rick's parent's business, which incorporates the word Shekinah in the name. They, and so many others from our home church, have stood behind us and supported us - both financially and by praying for us as we have worked on this home and we hope many of them will get to be guests in it before too long! (And not just them, but my family, our supporters from across Canada and the Globe as well!)

Please continue to keep us in your prayers, aside from the financial needs mentioned above, we have all come down with tonsilitis in the past week and have been pretty achey and miserable. Tendai had the triple whammy of malaria, tonsillitis and a nasty nasty cold all at the same time! We appreciate your prayers for our health. We also appreciate your prayers for our safety and the peace of this country, as we head towards an election later this year, and their have been various clashes as the opposition party flexes its muscles. Please pray for peace and common sense to prevail.

God Bless,
Rick, Heather & Tendai Neufeld

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