Friday, September 7, 2012

Dont worry... we are still alive. Really.

Wow. It has been so long since my last post. There are many reasons for my abscence, not the least of which is continued computer issues, but also on the list is extreme busyness, family activities, promotional videos and more computer problems. :) But, Im back, learning how to use my improved computer and ready to blog again!!
Pretty much Im going to give you the rundown of the last month or so, with TONS of pictures. Right now Tendai and I are still in Canada, but Rick has just returned to Africa to continue work on our home, and run several Children's Ministry Training Seminars before Tendai and I return to Mozambique in Mid October. While here Tendai and I are trying to get together with some of our sponsors and prayer supporters, and will also be attending a conference to represent the mission here in Winnipeg. 
We have also been enjoying our time worshipping with our home church, and seeing all the folks from the team that came to visit us in July. The team was such an encouragement to us when they came and it has been so amazing to see and hear them share about their experiences as well.
And now, as promised, here are a TON of pictures....

While the team was out they:
 cuddled lots of babies! (this is Kristina holding Christina)
 Gave out blankets to orphans in our program.
 Gave our clothes to orphans in our program.
 Fixed numerous vehicle problems that occured at the most inoportune of times.
 Painted orphan homes.
 Met their sponsored kids!
 Learned to cook full meals for large groups in the dirt.
 Journaled countless memories and life changing moments.
 Dug and/or constructed four latrines.
 Chased down Amigo Orphans (not really... they were racing!)
 Formed buns in a mud brick bakery.
 Formed bread loaves in the same bakery.
 Baked them in a crazy hot clay oven.
 Spent a day on safari.
 Saw gorgeous sunsets.
 tried not to fall off the rocks.
 went a little crazy.
 built a roof, carried a roof, and put it on!
 Made the day of a very grateful family!
 Put the roof and ceiling up on OUR house!!! :)
 Played with yet more kids!
 Danced with lots of kids.
 Cuddled with more kids!
 Hung out on a rock!
 Hung out in the Indian Ocean.
 Took a break.
 Said goodbye to friends.
Said goodbye to us!

The team was such a blessing to us. If you live around here and have a chance to get together with one of them to hear about their trip please do! They all have great stories. Also, if you are in this area, check out their dessert and sharing evening on September 11th, at 7 pm, at Grunthal Abundant Life Fellowship- there will be yummy treats, coffee, pictures and lots of sharing of what impacted them the most during the trip!

Since arriving back here in Canada we have been busy as well. Our main reason for coming home was to attend Rick's brother Kevin's wedding to Breanne (who was on the Team that visited us). We had a fabulous time at the wedding and are so grateful that we could attend as a family.
 The very happy newlyweds!
 Family Pics
 The first pic with Kev she would smile for... before this she had been rather ticked that SHE wasnt marrying her Unca!
So beautiful! (both of them!)

We also spent one week at the Hanover Agricutlural Fair, which aside from being lots of fun, was a great place to meet up with tons of our prayer and financial supporters in one location without having to drive around for hours!
Tendai learned how to milk a "cow"
And enjoyed LITERALLY hours on the bouncy slides.

We also got to go camping with our friends for a few days-
 and ride their horses.
 go for little hikes
 pose for tons of pictures.
 play in the "desert"
and even Mommy rode a horse!

And one day we went to a childrens museum where Tendai had a BLAST.

 she was so excited she could hardly contain herself.
She even learned a few things about how water works.

So there you have it, weve had a busy month and a bit! Tendai and I are glad to have some more time in Canada, but we are also missing our home in Africa, and cant wait to be there helping with so many of the projects- the training seminars, the orphan program, planning for DVBS and of course, helping get our house finished!!!!

There are lots of things that you can pray for at this time, including continued health for us all, and safety as well. Tendai and I are going to be missing Rick quite a bit so we would love to have some prayer for us as well. Other items include:
- that Rick would be able to get lots done on the house in the next few weeks. The guys are currently plastering all of the walls!
- that the funds we need for our house project would come in. We are getting into the stage where several more big projects are looming- flooring, painting, kitchen and appliances and all the bathroom fixtures and lights. Sometimes it feels like a lot!
-for several of the children in our Amigo Orphan Program. Several have left the program lately for various reasons, and another little boy is very sick and could use your prayers as well. The doctor feels that he may actually have a heart condition, so please pray we can figure out what is causing his troubles.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support!
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai!

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