Thursday, July 26, 2012

We are still here!

Hi all, just wanted to let you know we are still here and doing well! Unfortunately I have been having some computer problems and as a result uploading pics to the blogger platform is just not going well. Please forgive me for the lack of posts and once I get to some decent internet and an apple "genius bar" I will have tons of pics to upload and post on!
The team has been doing AMAZING while here- they have been blessing our local community and us personally in so many ways! They have nearly completed our roof,  plastered an orphan home, built a roof for the same home, will have done TWO latrines (including digging the pit), poured a sidewalk for the campsite, spoken in churches, visited our school and fellowshipped with kids and thats about half of it! They have three days left here at the farm, and then we leave for Beira to drop them off. Pray for travel safety, no problems in customs etc and that their lives will have been impacted by Mozambique and her people.
Pray for Rick and I as we balance hosting the team for the last few days, with intensive seminars, preparing for our own journey home (including packing up our house etc) and so much more. Thanks for all the prayers!
God Bless,
Rick, Heather & Tendai

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