Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things that make me happy!!!

These are a few things from the past week that have made me happy:

 Seeing Pastor Mariano reading scriptures with one of our Orphan children- and encouraging and helping him to read it aloud himself as well!

They were reading from Psalms, going over the memory verse the group would learn later that day!
 Paulo showing me his "photo frame" with photos of those who have visited him, or sent care packages to his family! We can never underestimate how much of an impact those visits etc have on the local people!
 Myself and Pastor Mariano look thru one of the newest Amigo Orphan Program children's schoolbooks.(She is doing quite well!)
 Bill Green from SAM Ministries Canada and Gina working together to pound Maize.
 Cuddling with babies and  posing with neighbor ladies at the Chitundo house.
Smiles on the faces of children now entered into the Amigo program.. guaranteeing them a fighting chance for a good education, health and a future full of promise!

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arnie&bekah said...

THese are great things that bring joy to our Father too!!