Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pics from here....

  A dragon fly who happened to land in front of me at our house site the other day.
 One of the local community kids looking oh so serious for her photo.. it was all she could do to keep from smiling!
 More "serious" faces.. for some reason they were all trying to look serious!!
 Dwight, Andy, and Joao praying at a Mucombedze church as we prepared to hand over a plow and two cows to the Mucombedze SBF Pastor's association.
 There were tons of curious kids peeking in thru the windows.
 Group shot!
The official handshake to seal the deal! 

There you have it... pics from this week!
Please remember to keep us in your prayers there have been a few robberies at farms in our area lately. We will also be traveling to Beira on Thursday to drop off Dwight  and the SAM Ministries Executive director, Bill Green, at the airport and then Rick will going to visit a dentist there. Apparently its a really good Brazilian dentist so here's hoping the rumors are true!
The guys are continuing on the inside walls of the house, and one of the builders is even starting to plaster the outside walls! Woohoo!
Thanks again for your prayers, for our work, our safety, our financial needs, and our family!
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai Neufeld

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