Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's Up??

Hey All,
Sorry its been awhile since my last post- seems I let time get away from me! Weve been busy with all our usual things lately, office work, orphan food delivery, house construction, snake killing, duiker rearing,.... oh wait. Guess I should go into a bit more detail on those eh? :)

Weve been so busy with everything the last few weeks I didnt even remember it was Thanksgiving this weekend until a Canadian missionary friend from Madagascar announced she was inviting EVERY Canadian on the Embassy's email list for their area to her house for Thanksgiving dinner. WOW. First of all... I wish I could go (but its a bit of a hike no matter how close Madagascar looks to us on the map) and secondly.. I wish I had the courage to organize that kind of get-together! 

Here at our farm, Dwight and Lynn left today to take Ruth and Royden who had been visiting for two weeks down to South Africa, so Rick and I will be the lone Canadians this weekend...  well, along with two mozambicasn (living at the farm.. there are lots more up the road! ) two south africans, one american and a Brazilian. ... Maybe we can organize a get together of some sort on the weekend to mark the occasion!
On Monday this week we did Orphan Food Delivery. It was good to see the kids again, and spend some time visiting with the grannies and caregivers. At Mae Liria's house these two little neighbor kids wandered over to say hi. Can I just say that they were two sweeties? They spent a while hamming it up for my camera, and investigating the finer points of the truck.

Im not sure exactly WHAT they were discussing, but it was a very intense conversation!
And of course, they had to look at themselves in the truck's mirror- like paint!

Mae Liria cares for three children that are enrolled in the Amigo Orphan Program, but she also has another grandchild that she cares for while the father works at a farm near here. Normally the little one is scared to bits of me.. but this week I got a few adorable shots as she rested on her grannies back.

I also got a cute pic of a neighbor boy using the broken down remains of a wheelbarrow to carry a water jug. It struck me as funny that he would go thru so much effort to use the wheelbarrow (it was pretty awkward to use) rather than just carry it on his head like everyone else. And then it struck me. Three years ago I never would have thought.. hmmm carrying things on your head is soooo much easier! I think Ive been here a while!!! LOL

Our house has been progressing as well- 
 Tendai is standing in what will be the guest room, looking out over the main room, master bedroom and her own bedroom. Its exciting to see the foundations filling up! Only the room where Rick is standing and the verandah are left to be filled!
 the verandah half filled!
 Rick uses the Backhoe to dig a septic tank pit for our house.
Stacks of bricks all made by our workers- they are doing such a great job at making these and I cant wait till its time to use them for the actual walls!!
Weve had unexpected rain recently, along with a few other delays so now it looks like our floor wont be poured until Late Oct/ Early Nov at least. We are praying that we will have enough funds to continue building. It is awesome so see how fast the foundation has gotten filled- even though it feels slow at times, its still been several months faster than the other houses that have been built recently!

We have also had our share of wildlife issues recently, including a snake taking refuge under the groundsheet of our blow-up splash pool. Lovemore and I took turns whacking it (he with a length of rebar, me with my pellet gun). Im pretty happy to say that I managed to take two shots and hit it both times, killing it.
No one is entirely certain what kind it is, but seeing as it was making its home by our kiddie pool It had to go! So proud of myself since three years ago even the thought of snakes made me all nauseous! (They still freak me out.. but at least I can deal with it now)

 We also took in two baby Duiker's this week. Duikers are a type of very small gazelle, they dont get much higher than your knee full grown. Right now our big one is just higher than Tendai's knee! They are both orphaned ( duikers are hunted for food here, even though there are very few of them left) We have one male (Named Colin) and a tiny female that we are hoping will make it. She doesnt have a name yet.
 Colin hiding out in the bush! ie.. the fence enclosure.
 ahhhhhh!!! being chased by a small human!
sooo cute. 

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support. We have had a really great week and are looking forward for the next little while as things on our house continue on! This update has been a bit all over the place, kinda like we have been lately, but I hope you have enjoyed it!
Blessings, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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