Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leaving... but not on a jet plane yet!

Well, we are leaving Mozambique this weekend heading to South Africa. Tendai has been told to come down for further medical tests before they will approve her Visa application. Please pray for us as this is not only discouraging but its getting to be expensive to make these trips up and down all the time. Because we are trusting that God can work this out, we are choosing to go down and stay down rather than make yet another trip up and down again.  We will most likely be there for at least 3 weeks, unless God opens some doors BIG TIME! We were not sure how we were going to make this work since either way it was going to be expensive! However, God once again has blessed us, as a friend contacted us and said she had found a place that would let us stay for the whole month for just over 300 dollars!!! (Do i need to tell you what an incredible deal that is???!!!) 
We of course will stay busy in south africa- with numerous mission repair errands to run, office work, , and a ton of promotional work we have been trying to get done and struggling to accomplish! Please pray we will be able to make ends meet with our ministry funds, since things are a bit tight with construction on the go, air tickets needing to be purchased and our everyday min costs as well!

Our garage is moving along nicely, too bad we wont be here to see it finished- but I guess it will be a nice suprise when we come home next year!
Putting the trusses up!
One of the sights i will miss very much... the sun setting over the mountains in the distance, with the litchi trees all around.
Im also gonna miss the litchis. they are only around for a few weeks a year.. but they are SOOOOO good. wierd looking. but good. (these are the flowers... the fruit only is ready usually late november)

Thanks again for your prayers and patience! We will be sending out email update soon to those of you on our list to let you know what is happening. At this point its hard to know since our travel and schedule is pretty much dependent on the High Commissions instructions for us. Please pray for us as we continue to arrange Tendai's Visa... we are not sure why this is all happening, and it is frustrating, but we also Know God must have a reason for it all! 
Prayer Request for this week include- travel safety, Visa issues to be resolved soon, ministry finances.
Praise Request- That we have been offered a very reasonable rate on a place to stay in Pretoria, that our garage is nearing completion, that we have all been healthy recently! 
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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