Monday, August 16, 2010


Since last week's post was all about hands, i decided to dedicate this one to  Feet! I dont really have a ton of stuff to say about feet, except that we are more than happy to be the feet of those bringing good news to those around us, and even happier to be training local pastors to be the feet bringing good news in their own language to their own communities. So I didnt run out and take a ton of pics of feet, instead, I waded thru thousands of pics from the last year and found some shots of feet taken at different ministry events - hope you enjoy!
women dancing in church
orphan children sit patiently waiting for the pastor in their community to provide some bread and juice for their meal- most likely their only meal that day
a nursing student replaces Mae Marosa's very worn sandal.
the worn sandal.. held together by string
the worn sandals of our orphan kids.. they do a LOT of walking
one of our staff members here at the farm.. made some sandals from tire treads!
more orphan children wait for their meal
sitting patiently waiting for class to start at the mission school
oh the joy a balloon can bring to tired dusty feet
weve had a TON of shortterm visitors recently.. can you tell?
pretty good looking feet if I do say so myself
my most favorite feet in the whole wide world

Thats all I got for Feet folks!! :)
Rick is currently up north trying to get the documents we need, please pray for safety as he travels and that he will be able to find the officials we need quickly!
Rick, Heather & Tendai

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