Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I'm grateful for.

A husband who shares my faith, loves me unconditionally and isnt interested in adding a few more wives to the household (like many mozambiquan men do). Im also grateful that he is willing to spend 12 days alone up north leading seminars- because Im pretty sure I couldnt do that!

A beautiful healthy daughter who has already suffered much more change and loss in her life than I have in mine, and yet manages to smile 90% of every day. (and for those who dont know, her name means "be grateful to God" in the local dialect of Shona)

A secure home, even though it has its own group of interesting night neighbors (what was that in the attic last night??!!), is still much better than the typical mozambiquan's home that has numerous rats running thru it every moment of the day.

Our shoprite grocery store, even though its an hour away and is full of rats and weevils and who knows what else, because it carries ice cream sometimes, peanut butter most times, and coke almost all the time- and everyone knows you need those to survive in the bush. :)

My freezer. It keeps the previously mentioned items edible.

My coworkers who understand that even though we live in nice houses and are able to shop at the shoprite its okay to still feel like you are in the backwoods bush because you are so far from friends, family, "civilization", a church family, a walmart, and electricity that isnt diesel powered. They also "get" the crazyness of life here, and can be a shoulder to cry on when no one else "understands." (like when you are shivering in Africa from Malarial chills and they just say "can I make the fire hotter for you?")

My truck. ( or "bakkie" as its called here) Oh how i appreciate its large shiny bush rack, and its incredible ability to navigate seemingly bottomless potholes with "ease"- and to keep our family safe as we travel to seminars, government offices, shoprite, church.... etc.

Our Friends M & A in town who give of their time so often to make our days easier- and are a constant source of encouragement. (Not to mention we have a standing invitation to stop by their house and use their nice clean washroom - they even provide the toilet paper!!! And trust me, that kinda offer is huge around here- you havent seen disgusting till you have seen a mozambiquan service station restroom - and since im focusing on things im thankful for im just gonna leave it at that!)

My home churches. I miss them so much right now, and am grateful for their prayers and support. One of the things im looking forward to most about our furlough is worshipping with both of our "home churches" in Manitoba- in English!!!!

The nice new birth certificate I have in my hands.. it lists ME as Tendai's mother!!!! (and Tendai Neufeld as her OFFICIAL name!)

My friends and family who send me wonderful letters, email's and packages from home- they make my day!

My new home- Mozambique, for all its frustrating things, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and every time I drive home from town I am reminded of this. I love that I live here, I love that I am called to be here, and I love that I get to see such beauty on a regular basis.

And so many many more things, but to list them all would take far to long. But for one last thing Im grateful for- all our supporters, both financially and in prayer, because without them we could not continue here.

God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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Heather said...

Great post! Love how positive you are even though you're going through so much. Thanks for the inspiration.