Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another busy few weeks- but oh so much fun!

One Sunday Afternoon we were able to watch our local community soccer team playing the team from Pungue (just up the road). Here, Gabriel's son gets a good seat sitting on the lap of one of the nursing students as he watches his dad play. (blue shorts)

It has been a busy few weeks, but we have been having a lot of fun, hosting the first nursing team, and then spending a week preparing for the arrival of the second team. We also have been busy getting Tendai's paperwork done. So far we have the judges official adoption declaration (finally!!!), and will be picking up her new birth certificate and name change documents tomorow (we hope). Then we still need to apply for her Identity Card, then her passport, and finally, a visitors visa for Canada. Please continue to pray with us that the process will go quickly, and we will be able to procure a visa for her without too much trouble!
 The following are a few more pics from our adventures up north during the last training seminars, as well as from the last few weeks. Rick is leaving on Thursday for another twelve days up north, training more pastors and church leaders in the basics of Children's Ministry. 
During our time up north we took a "short" trip on the Zambezi in a dugout canoe, with our daughter, and no lifejackets. The "short" trip we asked for turned into a two hour ordeal in the mid day sun in the hottest place on the planet im sure. In this pic one of our guides hopped out of the boat to pull us across a sand bar. (remember these are crocodile infested waters!!! ahhhhh)
nearing the end of the journey- Tendai was less than impressed.
Tendai has been really excited about "helping" lately- whether its helping Lovemore with house work, or helping hand out orphan food or plates of sudza at the school. I love that she loves to help, and is learning to serve others at such a young age!
Playing Peek-a-boo with mommy while delivering the orphan food for June.
The kids in our orphan program have been making some presents for their sponsors. Hopefully I can get to the whole group before the nursing team goes homes so I can send these gorgeous flower pens back to Canada with them! 
I think the boys may have put more effort into these pens then the girls did even! They loved picking out just the right combination of flower colors and arranging them "just so".
such a pretty bunch of flowers! (pens)
the kids from our chitundo orphan house along with the granny who looks after them.
one of the dugout canoes they use to ferry people and goods across the Shire river. Too bad the actual ferry wasnt working, cus we had to take the long way back home- making our drive nearly 7 hours longer!!!
This is Cervelia (i think thats how you spell it), she is the daughter of one of the widows we work with. Her mother has only one leg, and she herself is blind. They have a very tough life, but are NEVER without a smile! Its hard enough to pound maize normally, I cant imagine having to do it BLIND!
Suzanne made a friend the other day as we took some pics along the railroad tracks.
YEY! Work on our garage is continuing. Its actually much further along than this now- they are waiting now for the foundation walls to be filled in so that we can pour the floor! How exciting!
Lovemore took Tendai for a walk in her wagon the other day- i think both of them had a TON of fun.
Keren , Suzanne and I had a ton of fun the other day taking pics along some railroad tracks about an hour from our house. Was nice to get out for a saturday afternoon and just hang out with friends (something i dont get to do often here!)
of course we got quite a bit of attention with all our photo taking, so we managed to teach a young boy how to take a pic of all three of us. He was actually pretty good as you can see!
Good times were had by all!
I just like this picture and wanted to share it with everyone. Rick took me to a hotel for night for my birthday. We took pics on the beach in the morning and Tendai had so much fun playing in the sand!
Its easy to get wet when the waves are crashing up to your waist!

The second prairie team has already arrived and are busy getting ready to start being very very busy! I will be helping to host the team for the first few days, until Dwight and Lynn are back from south africa. Currently they are waiting for Dwights paperwork to be aproved so he can fly the mission plane back here- with the world cup of soccer being held there the security restrictions are much more severe! Please pray for a good time of fellowship with the team, for Rick as he travels, for me as I stay home and for tendai's paperwork, and our travel plans as well.
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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