Thursday, April 22, 2010

The last week and a bit!

Miss Tendai shows off her easter outfit- what a cutie!

This past week we were very excited to Welcome Mae Nolia, a widow with no family to care for who has agreed to come and be the "house mother" at our Chitundo orphan home. This is the home where orphans from our program stay when they  are attending school away from their home community. We are very excited to have her living with the kids as she is a christian lady, and comes highly recommended by several of our staff! Thats her on the left, with Celestina, the local ladies school moniter who recommended her.
She will be helpful with making sure the the kids get to school, behave, do their homework and with security at the property- just having an adult around helps. She seems like such a nice lady, and I look forward to getting to know her. Her smile is contagious, and Tendai took to her almost immediatly (which is NOT normal) so I know she must be a nice person! :)
Also in the news this week, our friends Mike and Marie-eve and their baby Raph who were SUPPOSED to come on Wednesday have been delayed... they hope to arrive next week. Crazy Volcano! Please pray with us that they will have safe travel and everyone will be feeling better (our baby, their baby and Marie-eve are all under the weather, so I guess a delay of a few days is not so bad!)
Here are a few pics of Tendai trying out the snazzy camo cap grandma and grandpa sent. It has flashlights built right into the bill of the cap. Amazing.
Of course, no camo cap is complete without a bow and arrow!
ooops. the "arrow" got stuck to the tv!

Thanks for the prayers we can certainly use them! Blessings, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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Mary said...

We will be in Mozambique in 4 weeks. I am just a "little" overwhelmed trying to book flights and pack for 6 people - ha! I know we are with different ministries and might be in different parts of the country, but I do hope we can meet someday. I would also love to learn more about the orphanage that Tendai was in. We have adopted three times, and I would love to do it again :)