Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gettin' stuff done.

I forgot to put this picture on the last post I did... its from up north where Rick, Corissa and Chris delivered food. I just love the picture and wanted to share it. :)

This week was orphan food delivery again, and once again I got some great photos while helping to bring the food provisions. Paulo (the older boy) has been quite ill for some time, but I was so happy to talk to him and hear he is feeling much better after many rounds of antibiotics and numerous trips to town to the clinic. Praise the Lord! Here, Paulo and Tito and some friends attempt to move a 50 kg bag of maize... without much success.

Gotta love that face!

I have this hobby of taking pics in my rear view mirror and side mirrors. Here some neighbor kids watch Jorge as he sorts out the food for Gina. (I was hiding in the truck because under this particular tree where we stop to deliver to Gina is a huge colony of ants that eats me. They dont eat Jorge, just me- and other white people.. go figure.. so i hide in the truck till Gina arrives for her food.)

At the last Pina school kids meeting, only girls showed up, so Keren and I had a little spa day with them! They absolutly LOVE getting their nails done. Then we played some frisbee and prayed together.. Im really enjoying these school kid meetings and orphan care meetings we have been having. Im getting to know the kids a lot better and I hope we are being able to impact them as well.

Since we dont have any short term volunteers here at the moment (for three weeks), we took some time to do a massive spring cleaning and reorganization. We made a small room for Tendai in the corner of the main room, using sheets and capalanas and moved her out of our room. I was expecting chaos, but the transition has gone fine and she seems to be sleeping better! Rick is also busy making shelves to put on the back verandah so we can organise all the tools, and numerous other items.

Its not fancy, but it certainly works. (ya kinda have to "make do" out here in the bush) Man will we be glad when we have raised the funds to start building our actual house! We hope to have the garage/ storage building built in the next few months, and then will start on the house whenever we can.

Tendai has had a bunch of firsts lately... she started walking everywhere... went from crawling in the morning to walking in the afternoon and hasnt turned back! She also gets to feed herself every once and awhile (for obvious reasons not every meal!)

She has begun to take everything out of everywhere and make monstrous messes whenever she can!

She got to finger paint her very first work of art!

And "clean up" after finger painting.

Got to wear her brand new Piglet pj's! (from Aunt Brenda - mommies sister)

Phew!! after so many firsts its amazing she has any energy left, which must be why for the first time ever she slept thru the night for me!!!
Thanks for praying for us, we have progressed with Tendai's paperwork a teeny tiny bit. The judge has seen the papers, and sent them to Accao Social for their final aproval. We spent and hour or so there yesterday filling out forms and signing documents. Hopefully by monday we will have everything in order for them and will be able to take the papers back to the Tribunal. After that we wait for a court date, and pray that the judge's decision will be positive. We are also praying for a quick court date, and travel documents to be issued in the meantime.
In two weeks, Mike and Marie-Eve Fast, from Niverville Manitoba will be arriving with their little boy Raph, to volunteer here for a month. Raph will be hanging out with Tendai- woohooo instant friends (we hope). Mike was one of Ricks best friends in high school so we look forward to their arrival. Please pray for safety as they travel and for health ! We hope to be doing a lot of ministry up north with them, so another prayer request is for patience and creativity as the two of us Mommies deal with babies in tents for 12 days! (in the heat!)
Again, thanks for the prayers, they really do make a BIG difference!
Blessings, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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