Friday, June 5, 2009

A team of nurses from Prairie College of Arts and Technology in Three Hills, Alberta arrived just over a week ago... and having been running ever since. We are sooo blessed to have them here, and have appreciated their help so much. Here are a few pics from their first week!
That dot in the middle is their plane. There was some indecision on the part of the pilot as to whether he was comfortable landing on Beira's runway... so they circled three times before finally landing- perfectly!
Exiting the plane!
Beautiful sunset on the way home to the farm... such a nice sight for your first day in Africa!
On Saturday we organised a Canada vs. South Africa badminton/volleyball tournament. I cant remember who won... (but im sure it was Canada!)
The spectators... and the paparazzi.
Scott  gets right into things.
Visiting a local church their first sunday, here they are being introduced to the church.
Praying for the sick.
Leader suzanne meets cute little girl suzanne! Both were thrilled!
On monday several team members had to attend to a former staff member who had fallen and broken his femur/hip. Please pray for him (Fred), he is not doing well.
Also on Monday we spent several hours visiting Mucombeze Interior Primary School and played lots of games with the kids. It was day of the child so the whole day was a party!
Teaching them "what time is it Mr. Wolfe?"
On wednesday we toured the Vanduzi hospital. Here Senhor Da Cruz explains the immunization procedure to the team. They will be helping with three rural vaccination campaigns in a weeks time.
Senhor Da Cruz explains the sterilization equipment to the team.
The girls had the opportunity to teach at one of the ladies literacy schools on the topics of cholera and ear infections, as well as a great question and answer session.
Ill try and post more pics of their adventures next week! For now... Blessings to all! 
(and thanks for the prayers... we and the team can use them!)
God Bless, Rick and Heather

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