Friday, June 12, 2009

Nursing Team Week 2 and part of Week 3

The nursing team has been hard at work and Ive got the pictures to prove it! Here are a bunch more from the past week or so. Ive been thruroughly thrilled this past week to have Ron Nickel, a professional photographer here on the farm. He was sent by Prairie Bible College to get some great pics of the nursing teams. He was also more than willing to give me free photography lessons (a dream come true for me!!). Thanks Ron! Here are some pics from the week.
Kristine and Tracy and a local nursing student figure out how to fill in vaccination paperwork. They are doing three full days of vaccinating- Tetanus shots, polio, measles, etc.... and each shot and vaccine needs to be recorded in the book.
EMT Scott cuddles a teeny tiny newborn. (I think he wanted this deleted so it didnt appear he was a cuddler but it was too good of a picture to pass up.. sorry scott!)
Fernanda gives a mother a tetanus vaccine. I just loved the look on the mothers face!
During community home visits the students had to get water with their host families. Mae Vaida's family gets their water from this muddy hole, at least a twenty minute walk away from their home.
Photographer Ron decided he had no excuse, so he tried carrying the water for a bit as well. He did pretty well for the twenty feet he carried it! :)
Jess and Kristine cuddle with Patience and her one month old Baby! Later, Jess carried the baby all morning on her back, Mozambiquan style, while collecting firewood!
I took time out from being Ron's reflector holder to try out pounding maize as well.
Breaking the kernels off the cob.
Vira enjoys some sweet potato on the other side of the fire from me. Thanks Ron for teaching me how to keep her in focus... not the smoke!
Yet another Ron orchestrated shot, I LOVE THIS ONE.  Woohoo for better pictures!!
And you thought those national geographic shots were just lucky shots! Nope.... bring out the reflectors, the wide angle lenses, lens hoods and photo editing programs! ( and a whole lot of talent) Here we were attempting to take a nice shot of the shrimp seller and his shrimp- they are HUGE!
A tiny baby girl the team of nurses have been working hard to bring back to health. She is only 2.3 Kilos at over two months old!

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