Friday, April 17, 2009

Firm Foundations

The major news at the farm this week, is that the foundations are beginning to be poured for our Training Center! Very exciting to see the first steps being taken! Here are some shots of the guys getting things ready! The center will be used for training many pastors, and leaders thru our Faith Bible Seminary, and in many other ways in our community! And although we only have foundations so far- its a good reminder of how training these pastors,- to train more pastors,- to lead their churches, is providing firm spiritual foundations for generations to come!
One foundation trench!! Our truck- delivering the water tank yet again- Rick does this up to five times a day recently!
The guys use buckets to transfer water from the trailer tank to the big one. Bricks and more Bricks! Over twenty thousand of em!!
The "finished" product- one foundation wall! The wonderful amazing spectacular time saving (???) cement machine.
In other news, we had the guys take a GIANT wasps/bee nest out of a tree near the area where eventually we will be building our home. It was a massive nest, and every time our worker went to water the trees and what not, he came back saying "I just cant work there Senhora- I will die from those bees!" (He has a very big fear of bees). So, the bees had to go- of course I wasnt to sad to see them go either! Its too bad the guys emptied several cans of Raid, Doom and some Gasoline on the nest before they finally starting smoking them out- otherwise we maybe could have enjoyed trying a taste of wild honey- who knows?? :)
Raymundu, Pearson and Faria tackle the nest- with a ladder, an axe and smoke.
This is all from one hive on one tree!!!
In closing.. heres Mushu and Magnum- hard to believe a few weeks ago MUSHU was the BIG one!!!
Thanks for all your prayers! God Bless,
Rick and Heather

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L. Lagore said...

Thanks for the photos! And I like how Pearson "gets to" climb up the ladder into the tree :P