Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Amigo Orphan Food Delivery

This little guy let me get one picture before he started screaming- i guess he didnt like my really pale skin!!
Yesterday was Amigo Orphan Program food delivery day. This time four members of the group from Plokwane (South Africa) came with to help hand out food, pray for the families and see how the program works. We had a great day, and enjoyed some good time of fellowship on the road- although im not sure Jorge would agree! With a full truck he volunteered to sit in the back under the truck canopy with all the supplies! Anyway, I got some great pictures, so Ill let them do most of the talking.
Filipe was in such a cuddly mood!
Pastor Johan prays for Paulo and his family.
Peter has that look on his face because I had just told them that Zinha normally carries that bag of maize on her head- by herself!
The chicken houses Marosa and her kids made out of leftover bricks from their new home! They are so industrious!
They also made a beautiful little flower garden with a border- they really are very proud of their simple home!
This lady was pounding the maize so hard that from where I was standing I could feel it thru the ground- small pebbles were BOUNCING!
Zelda (sp?) gave it a try but she didnt get quite the same effect.

This picture explains what we do here- offer a helping hand to those in need. Thanks for your prayers as we continue with out work. And dont forget to check out the post under this one- our entirely entertaining talking truck video awaits you!!! :) And for those who want an update on Magnum- here he is... in both of his two modes.. "attack" and "rest".

God Bless, Heather & Rick


Gillian (Gigi) said...

Heather, I got chills reading your blog. I did a four week missions trip with my hubby in Zambia a few years ago. Just those four short weeks left a lifelong impression on us. God bless you for giving your life to the Lord and following His calling! If you ever need anything, let me know!

God bless!

Heather & Rick said...

Hi there Gillian- thanks for the encouraging words, if you email us I can add you to our email update list, we send out once a month, unless we have an urgent request to send out in between! God Bless,