Monday, December 29, 2008

Is that snow??? Nope- but its maize flour- even better!!!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We certainly enjoyed a wonderful few days of rest! We had a yummy Christmas dinner with Dwight and Lynn, and were able to catch up on some reading and such during the few days off. Charles (one of our mission staff) distributing seed to an area leader. One of the women in our Work for Food Program signs her reciept. Many of these women work wth these children strapped to their backs all day long!
There certainly was a feeling of Christmas on Christmas Eve, when we had the privilege to show the Love of those in Canada who have given toward the current food shortage in our area. We were able to purchase and distribute several hundred kilos of maize seed, as well as maize flour to pay our " work for food" program participants. Although we can't help everyone- we have been able to help many thru the generous giving of folks back home- Thank You.

Me and Charles showing packages of seed.. thats a mountian of maize flour we are sitting on. Praise God we could find and purchase it!

unloading the truck

Just finding, and buying, the maize flour and seed was quite an accomplishment in itself. Our driver Domingo made two trips to town in one day, and Dwight and Lynn took the mission van in to pick up seed as well! Many of our workers stayed several hours late to wait for the arrival of the truck to help unload the flour. You would think after being asked to stay late, in the rain, delaying supper, and now having to walk home in the dark- they would have been grumpy- but they werent! Smiles all around!! Did I mention they also had to get our four tonne truck unstuck in the driveway??? (while it was still loaded!) We have great staff here!

Rick and Lynn's Christmas Present

This past week we also had a little fun... we bought Lynn a guinea fowl for Christmas. Pretty much since we arrived here Lynn has been talking about wanting a guinea fowl- apparently she finds their "squawking" to sound more like "music" - ( I think shes been in the bush to long!) So when Rick saw one for sale just up the road from us, he hurried right home to tell me and off we went to buy a guinea fowl. I must say.. Im not terribly fond of "buckwheat" as she has been dubbed- but she makes Lynn happy so I guess it was a good Christmas present. I was especially not fond of little buckwheat at 5:40 am today when she started making "music" near our house.

Lynn trying to determine which on is hers- the other two were for an orphan/widow home.

Rick also had some fun teaching Gabriel how to shoot recurve- He actually picked it up pretty quick! And got a few "bullseyes".

This was not one of the bullseyes.. although it was pretty funny.

This coming week we are busy preparing to have Dwight and Lynn go down to South Africa for a while- yep- that means WE are in charge!!! ( Francois and Alta are visiting family over the holiday season) We appreciate your prayers for safety for them as they travel, and also for us as we remain here at the farm- with a lot of projects to keep on the go! We hope your New Year will be a blessed one! Have a great remainder of the Holiday Season! Rick and Heather

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