Friday, December 5, 2008

Busy Week! ( aren't they all??)

Filipe learning how to give a thumbs up!
On Orphan Food Delivery Day everyone is all smiles!
This week has flown by! We held our intensive training seminars for the Bible School this week, and Rick and I were priviledged to lead two sessions on Childrens Ministry- well I should say Rick led them- he did all the talking!
Food Supplies include fish, beans, rice, salt, maize and some soap for washing.
I was also able to go out with Jorge and Lynn again to deliver the food supplies for the orphans and widows. Although they are allways a long day or two, they are easily the most rewarding days each month. This month was especially rewarding as we were able to see one of our orphan and widow families and their new house! The house was constructed in the past month, with funds from a generous Canadian donor. The smiles on their faces were incredible.. and the new house will be a huge blessing for years to come. It will protect from rain and wind, and will also be much easier to keep pests out of!
Thats Marosa's old house to the left and the new one behind it!!!! What a difference!
Marosa, Tito and Paulo in front of their new home. We also handed out solar powered audio New Testaments to several orphan families. They were very excited to recieve such fancy "technology" and I am certain they will get much use in the coming months. Please pray that peoples hearts will be open to hear the words of Jesus.Jorge explaining what all the buttons do and how to charge the New Testaments. Work continues here at the mission as well- Rick is starting to work on getting our ceiling installed so we can fight off some of the heat, and our verandah is also in progress. Me and Julinho- hes my special little guy- we think he suffers from cerebral palsy and he is almost completly blind. Adding to that, his mother is completly deaf! Please pray for our local people, and all of Mozambique. The rainy season is very late this year, and if it does not come soon, many will die of starvation. We are badly in need of rain. Thank you all for praying with us, as we value those prayers very much! Until next time, Heather and Rick

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