Tuesday, February 5, 2008

God Bless our Hosts!!

We justed wanted to post a special thank you to the churches and individuals who have made our travels so much easier! Although i dont have a picture of our hosts from Wetaskawin- they know who they are and we appreciate them soooooooo much! I started taking pictures at every host house on this trip however, so I can remember those who have been so gracious to us, opening their homes and providing wonderful meals. We truly do appreciate their kindness and willingness to let us stay with them. This trip we have stayed with my Aunt Sue and Uncle Ed, in Medicine Hat AB, where not only they, but their entire small group let us intrude on their potluck and partake in all the goodies! Here Rick is showing my aunt, uncle and cousins Kaitlynn and Benjamin, pictures from Mozambique and explaining what it is we are going to be doing there!
Our next hosts were Buzz and Judy from Buffalo Lakes AB, and their dog KUJO ( whom i fell in love with!) Although Judy managed to get a picture of us for her memory, i was preocupied with KUJO and only managed to remember to get pictures of him! Kujo is one huge dog- more like a small bear, and just like a teddy bear! We had a great time of fellowship with them, and enjoyed delicious home cooked meals and "a mean pot of porridge" compliments of Buzz - ( it really was very good porridge!). God has definetly blessed this couple with the gift of hospitality! Here is Rick and Kujo... just so you can understand how big this dog is!
Last but not least, is my Aunt Wanda and Uncle John- whose home we jokingly refer to as our "favorite edmonton hotel." They have opened their home to us so many times its hard to even remember how many! We truly do appreciate their willingness to let us move in for entire weeks at a time! Here is a picture of them... (they are still newlyweds! :) Many thanks to all of our hosts, your willingness to take us in makes our trips so much less stressfull, and we love to know we are making new friends everywhere we go! God Bless you!

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