Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Car Troubles

Well we knew it would happen eventually. We were just really really hoping it would happen at home- not at every gas station we stopped at. I guess our car is really letting us know how old it is! On our trip up to the Grande Prairie area of Alberta our car decided to quit. repeatedly...... after some frustration, prayers for forgiveness for the frustration and then some prayers for the car, and sometimes a whack or two it started up. At one point it had been down for nearly half an hour at a gas pump, when a man walked into the restaurant where I (heather) had just sat down to get warm and pray. He asked if i was having car trouble. I said- "yep- do ya know anything about cars??" He said- only that you give them gas and bang on them to make them go! I just laughed and went back to praying. About five minutes later, rick came in nearly frozen, and the man suggested he go back out and bang on something called the "solanoid" ( forgive my spelling) with a hammer. So we did.... (with a hatchet bc we couldnt find a hammer) and voila!!! It started! Just then the man walked out, smiled and waved and walked around the corner and away. I am convinced he was an angel.
Anyways, turns out we needed a new starter, and some adjustments to our battery posts. Thanks to the wonderful people at Bethel Church in Buffalo Lakes AB, for covering the cost of the replacement parts and arranging a nice warm shop with a pit for us to do the repairs in! Here is Pastor Dave, Collin, and Rick ( and another guy i dont know) putting their heads together to fix up the starter.
But it doesnt end there! On our way down from Grande Prairie to Edmonton the car started to make this absolutly AWFUL grinding/clunking noise. Turns out our alternator also decided to throw in the towel- we were able to get that fixed today- the price wasnt unreasonable, and we had exceptional customer service so that made it a bit better! He gave us a whole list of other things that could use some fixing, but we told him if it could still drive safely to just leave it! Weve decided when we auction off the car we are auctioning it as " a new starter, new alternator, two almost new tires- package comes with a cavellier frame and body !"
Please pray with us that this will be the end of our car troubles, and we will be able to make it safely home! We REALLY REALLY REALLY need those prayers! Thanks you.

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