Sunday, March 18, 2007

Balloons! Pizza! Face Paints! Ventriloquists!!!

Well! Rick and I are totally exhausted! Last night we ran ( along with several others) a HUGE kids outreach event at our church. We had a free pizza and ice cream dinner for all the kids who come to our kids club and awana programs AND all their parents, siblings and even some friends! It was a huge success, and many parents thanked us for taking such an interest in working with their children. We had prayed and asked God for 100 people to come, and He gave us 103! (not including all the volunteers!) It was really neat.
Rick built a REALLY big balloon pit and filled it with well over 600 balloons! ( we did use an air compressor- although it still took like 5 hours or something!) The kids loved it! We had that plus face painting and a coloring wall, prizes, parent and kid games and after all that chaos was over- a ventriloquist! Linda was amazingly talented and the kids loved her! It is so neat to see our ministry here going so well, but it is also hard, because we know in just 2 short months we are leaving! We are praying that God would raise up people (and hopefully another youth minister) to continue on with these amazing ministries. So many families from the community were there last night, many of them do not attend any church- it was a wonderful outreach. PRAISE GOD.
Here are some pics of the event!

The Balloon Pit!!!!!!

Linda takes "Buzz" for a trip to the balloon pit! GRRRRRR!! I'm a tiger! Moms and daughters fight it out in the 4-way tug of war!

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