Friday, October 4, 2013

Mariano Learns to Type

 Rick has been teaching Pastor Mariano (the local pastor in charge of overseeing the Amigo Orphan Program alongside me, as well as in charge of buying in the maize and beans we need for our feeding programs)  how to type for the last month or so. Typing will be a very useful skill for Pastor Mariano to have, since he in charge of programs that require a lot of information to be input into reports, spreadsheets, control sheets, etc. He is eager to learn, whether it be typing skills or learning more about children's ministry, our Faith Bible Seminary courses, or memorizing scripture!

Rick made a laminated keyboard for him to "practice" at home with. He also made him a blank one, with little individual keys so its like a puzzle he has to put together!
He also found an online game that helps him learn to use the "home row" of keys. He has been getting better each time, and comes several times a week to ask if he can do another lesson!
 This has nothing to do with typing, but its some of the produce that our Orphan Children were blessed with from the Mission's garden a few weeks ago!
 Some of the orphan girls with Ryan and Tendai.
And here is Tendai with a gorgeous little beauty- This is baby Leona Heather, Pastor Mariano's newest family member, born in Mid August. Isnt she the sweetest thing?  When we went to meet her, Pastor Marianos wife, Yvonne, told me that they hadnt named her yet, they were waiting for me, but that they thought Heather was a wonderful name. :) Not wanting to seem too full of myself I gave her my mothers name as a first name. :)

Again, Thanks for all your prayers and support for the Amigo Orphan Program. We have seen many encouraging things this year including the marks we have been seeing lately. Nearly all of the kids have improved over last years marks, which is wonderful to see. We have been impressed with the attititudes of many of the children as well. We have also had some discouraging moments. Moments that make our hearts heavy as we see children making foolish decisions rather than get an education. Please pray for us as we work with them, that we would have wisdom, and be able to speak the truth in love. Please also pray for the children and their caregivers, that they will see the value of an education.

God Bless, Rick, Heather, Tendai & Ryan


Rachel said...

Tendai is so gorgeous in that picture!! She is just shining!

Heather Graves said...

Beautiful pictures as always!!! :)