Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Blur of photos

Hi all, it seems I have once again fall far far behind in updating the blog. So, in attempt to catch you up,  im going to provide you with a whirlwind of photos,  in no particular order, but hopefully it will help you get a feel for all thats gone on in the last month. Rick has been up north for the past week, and when he gets back Im sure I will be able to have a full blog post just from his pictures and videos alone, which will be nice!
 Rick and Armando tiled the shower.
 The truck with most of our supplies arrived, as well as rolls and rolls of fencing for the farm.
 Our house workers bringing our new washing machine down to the house. Been saving for awhile to purchase this- will make a big difference! Our old one has been on the fritz for quite a while now and finally kicked the bucket two months ago! 
 Working on assembling the kitchen cupboards.
 After years of no storage, we made very certain this kitchen would have PLENTY.
 Main bathroom... see that thing in the back left corner? Its a bath tub. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this- havent had a bath at home in FIVE YEARS!!!!
Gladys is VERY happy about the new washing machine- shes been washing the laundry by hand for months now!
 Tendai giving Chupicai (one of the Amigo Orphans) a "new" coat.
 Mae Farecia was LOVING her new coat!
 We purchased a stroller to help little Malachias to be able sit in a more upright position, using tightly rolled blankets to support his body and head.
 wasnt so sure about Ricks beard at first... but after a while he was giggling!
Everyone is very happy with the new chair.
 The wood boards for our kitchen cabinets have been planed and prepared... now to sand them down, stain them and finish them for installation.
 Rick and our Puppy, Higgins, enjoying a brief rest after a hard days work.
 Local kids gathered to see what the fuss what about, when I became ambulance driver after being asked to take the brother of one of the farm staff to the hospital. He was extremely sick with pneumonia.
 Little Suzanah giving me her best smile!
 We had friends (fellow missionaries) from up in Tete come visit and help me deliver food to the orphan families.
 After being sorted out by visitors from Canada, we were able to give new t-shirts and dresses to all of the Amigo Orphans and their caregivers.
 Tia Johanna was thrilled with her new dress.
 Visitors from Canada took time to try their hand at pounding the maize in the traditional way.
 And separating the chaff from the kernel afterwards.
I was able to visit with Linda and her newborn twins, and the midwife who delivered them, less than twenty four hours after they were born!
 Tendai was given a set of REAL doctors scrubs, just in miniature size from Kyra who was visiting from Alberta Canada- her dad runs a medical supply store!
 Using her REAL (albeit not very functional) stethoscope to check on daddy. (dont worry he wasnt sick really)
 We chatted with our Home church via skype, and spent the time waiting for the connection to get started taking selfie pictures of our little family. 
 Yeah... that was interesting.
 Went for a family hike for supper one night, and discovered a whole BUNCH of nasty scorpions. This is a mama with tons of babies on her back!
And weve seen a few wonderful sunsets as well- this one i stopped on the side of the highway to take the picture.. i just couldnt pass up the chance it was so lovely!

Thanks again for your prayers and support. Tendai and I have been home alone this last week as Rick has been up north leading seminars. We appreciate all the prayers since Rick has been travelling on horrible roads, and so far has had no problems. 
We hope to be moving into our new house before the end of June, Lord Willing. Our main holdup at the moment is the plumbing- it needs to be installed before we can move in! We would also like to have the cabinets installed as well, since they are a lot of bits and peices that could get lost in the shuffle.

God Bless,
Rick, Heather & Tendai

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