Thursday, March 7, 2013

Updates all around!

Well I promised painting updates, so here they are!

This is the primer on the main wall in the kitchen/living area/dining room.

Looks so nice doesnt it? (just the primer, dont worry, the final coat doesnt look nearly so blotchy)

This is the final coat of paint going on in Tendai's room- her walls are this lovely blue and then one is the chocolatey brown! Its so cute!

She of course wanted to help in her own room!

Finishing up the last bit of painting in Tendais room. You can see how the primer was much lighter than the final coat.

Other things have been happening as well- The window frames for the glass have mostly been installed, and all the doors are now in!

Tendai helping to clean off the paint drops that fell on the doors.

Installing the window frames.

Glass in the front doors! woot woot!

Helping to unload the orphan food for one of our orphan families.

When we did orphan food delivery this month we also handed out new pants/skirts and school shoes to the kids, they were pretty excited about them!

Felicio was pretty stoked about those pants!

How many people does it take to tie the average little kids shoes??? LOL.. Mae Salete and Pastor Mariano helped Nailene try on his new shoes! (looks like he needs new pants too, since the ones hes wearing would be suitable for a flood! good thing he also got new pants!)

I didnt pick out the shoes this year.... but they are awesome! :)

Another happy kiddo- Joao loved his pants!

Poor Chupicai was so confused! A dried fish had fallen between the box of the truck and the end gate.. try as hard as he could he could not see it from above OR below... he was very concerned as to where it had gone!

(Dont worry, we found it for him!)

We also visited Abel and Zachariah at their new school last weekend, they are doing great, have made friends and are even attending and participating in a new Bible Study and worship time a few of the boys have organized two evenings a week.

Tendai is doing well- here she is practising a new skill- helping buzz daddies hair! We have all had malaria at least once in the last six weeks, Tendai had had it twice, and im on my third time now! It appears that the strain of malaria I have this time is resistant to our normal medicines, so im gonna try switching up the meds and try something different. Please pray that we can kick this for good this time- as Im getting kind of tired of being sick!

Thanks again for the prayers and support! We depend on them, especially the prayers. Its no fun feeling sick, vulnerable, homesick, etc! On the other hand it is so fulfilling and life changing to be a part of God's work here in Mozambique, despite the challenges, and so we press on- we wouldn't have it any other way!!

God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai Neufeld



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