Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flat Tendai has been very very very busy.

This past week I recieved 105 Flat Tendai photos. Im going to try and upload at least one from every families hosting week, but if you dont see yours I am sorry! I havent been given the story behind each one, though most are fairly self explanatory.... i think. :)

To start off I'll show you a few photos of REAL Tendai photos- shes been doing great!


Hey Everybody!!!!!

Now here are some wonderful photos of Flat Tendai going on some adventures and hanging out with her friends back home. Our church has really done an awesome job of running with this project and we actually have several other churches interested in having their own flat Tendai's too! Here in Mozambique I think we have really noticed the prayer coverage we have had! It has been amazing to know that all of the Children's Church Families have been praying for us! Looking forward to the next batch of photos we will get!

Visiting Childrens Church

Playing Dress-Up

at childrens church group time
Making cookies!!!!
Helping led worship with the youth team
this one im not too sure about. maybe this is a doctors visit? is that a spine poster I see on the wall? wherever they are they look happy!
everybody say CHEESE!
These folks put me in a AWESOME hat.
dressing up for halloween
hmmm. maybe they were both badly behaved?
this is pretty much what it looks like at this house when real tendai is there, so it does not suprise me it looks like this when flat tendai is there as well.
visiting more school classes!
( i think next time we are home real Tendai is going to have to visit a few classes)
ummm learning to hover?
and just chill on Manitoban mountains.
more group shots.
painting.... oooh purple. this girl knows how to pick awesome colors!
playground play at the school
riding the school bus. ( I can just imagine what my bus driver would have said if I tried to haul that on our bus as a kid.. Grunthal Bus Drivers must be exceedingly patient)
I think I posted a few of these before, but just for good measure... another group pic!
horse riding
just goofing around!
reading stories together
country music star!
must have been a long drive!
apparently the Nickel's like their cowboy hats!
with Grandpa, Harmony and Richelle
Harmony hanging out with Flat Tendai.
Grandma getting a few hugs in too!
With her Uncle... this photo got her pretty excited (real Tendai that is)
Going to Cubbies!
Ice Skating... and playing goal.
this seems like a dangerous hobby for a plastic and plywood kid.
and to finish off... posing with a very yummy looking Gingerbread house!
So there you have it, a severely paired down look at Flat Tendai's adventures- Hope you enjoyed them!
Blessings, Heather, Rick and Tendai


Candice Wilkinson said...

The pictures are awesome! I love the Flat Tendai's idea.

Rachel said...

That's so cool!! What a fun way to stay connected.