Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baaaa Baaaa!!!! (loosely translated... we need rain and grass NOW!)

 This is what the area around the sheep looks like. dry. barren. wasteland. we need rain.
In Africa (and much of the world I suppose), Water = Life. Our area of Mozambique has not had rain for many months. There is no food for the animals. Our borehole cannot keep up with demands. If the rains do not come soon there will many problems.
 This small hand pump has been set up on a borehole near our farm's garden. It will be used to water the plants etc, and as a model to show others how it can be done.
 Fresh, clean, cool, lifegiving water.
Local people are building dangerously deep wells BY HAND- this one dug by neighbors of one of the orphan homes is over ten metres deep!

Because of the lack of water and rain, combined with large fires burning all over the farm this year our sheep and cows have NOTHING to eat. To give them just a little bit of green food we went to a local business, the Vanduzi Company which owns LARGE farms, where they have irrigation. They can grow all year long. One of their major exports is baby corn, which of course has to be taken out of the husks before it is packaged to go.

 They sell the husks for one met a kilo (thats cheap).
 and will even help you load it into your vehicle. The first day I went and got 300 Kilos.
 it was not nearly enough to satisfy the appetites of the cows and sheep for longer than a few hours.
 Cows nearly ready to stampede with the sight of food soooo close, yet out of reach.
 Sheep running towards the food.
 The next day I went back and got more. Two Tons more.
 Thats a lot of corn husks. But it will still only satisfy them for a few days.

Please pray for rain!!!!!

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