Friday, October 12, 2012

Of this and that... and a Flat Tendai update!

random picture of Tendai from the Ag fair that was just too cute NOT to share!

It is such a blessing for our family to have an awesome base of prayer supporters who lift us up in prayer on a daily basis. We know that those prayers make a difference in our lives, and we are so grateful for them. Again, yesterday we were reminded why those prayers are so important to us. Rick was working on our house, standing at the top of our wooden ladder, with a power grinder in hand, about to turn it on to do some work when the ladder literally broke to pieces underneath him, sending him on a rather quick trip towards the cement floor. The ladder had been damaged by termites, unknown to Rick, and simply broke into pieces once it had weight on it.  Praise the Lord he wasnt hurt more than the bruises and scrapes he recieved, and that He had NOT turned the grinder on already when it broke, as that surely would have resulted in much more injury. Thank you to all of you who pray for us, it is our greatest resource to have so many people who bring us before our Heaveny Father on a regular basis!
 not so sure what to make of the visitors from Canada!
Balloons always make everyone happy!

While Tendai and I are still in Canada for another 9 days, Rick has been busy at the farm, both working on our house, but also preparing for our annual DVBS which will be happening in a few weeks, and helping to host volunteers on the farm. He has also been getting started on clearing the land for a house for our colleague Joao!
 Rick using the backhoe to clear land for the Campsite manager's (Joao's) residence.
 Volunteers from Canada painting the house that the team from Grunthal helped to finish and put the roof on! 
 the orphan boys once again hard at work. 

Tendai and I visited our church's AWANA group on Wednesday and were able to share with the kids there about what Rick and I do in Mozambique, show some videos and pictures, and have a question and answer time, which led to a long discussion on deadly snakes and how many we have seen. 
 Me speaking to the Sparks group at our church.
 Lots of questions, most of which were about snakes.
 Flat Tendai in goal. she even stopped the ball once!

Flat Tendai made her appearance at AWANA as well, with her host family of the week, and has had three weeks of fun with her host families so far! Its amazing how fast the project is spreading- weve had people in stores say- is your daughter the one that the kids are taking around with them? Guess the news is getting out! We are praying this will be a way of letting even more people know about our ministry and the work we do! Here are a few pics of her adventures!
 Playing on the hay bales!
 photobombing her friends.
 In art class at school.
 Class picture!
 Riding horse!
 just chillin!
 Swinging at the playground!
 On her way to school.
 Getting ready to play in the snow.
Getting attacked hugged by very loving family members!

Tendai and I will be attending the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies Of Canada conference next week in Winnipeg, to help man the booth for SAM Ministries. It will be good to share with folks about our work, talk about the unique Christmas gifts, and also to see the staff from our home office here in Canada. We fly out of winnipeg on our way to South Africa on October 22, so your prayers for our safe travel and health are appreciated!

On an another note, can I ask our amazing prayer partners to pray for a person dear to our hearts? This is our friend Dara, and her little girl Nede. Nede is one of Tendai's closest buds, and Dara is one of my closest friends. Dara has been fighting for over two years to legally adopt Nede, and although pretty much everyone that matters is in favour of this happening, due to the glacially slow and oft times corrupt legal system in Mozambique, it has not happened yet.  Dara is Nede's legal guardian so they can travel as long as they have court aproval. They are hoping to go visit family in the States in mid November, just in time for American Thanksgiving. Of course, the best thing would be if God would work it so that their court case is heard and the decision made before the 3rd of November when they intend to start their journey. If that does not happen they still need a official document from the court allowing Dara and Nede to travel for several months. Would you join with us in praying for these requests? Both of them are desperately in need of the refreshing and encouragement that comes from visiting family, church, and friends back home. Tendai and I have been blessed to visit our family, friends and church for the past several months, and we know the incredible rejuvenating power that it can have and know that God is able to provide this for Dara and Nede as well. Can you also pray for patience and peace for Dara? I know from experience how hard it is to sit and wait, but even I did not have to wait as long as Dara has. My heart breaks for this special friend who has sacrificed so much for her daughter. Thank you in advance for praying with us! We know our God is Able to work miracles- even in the Mozambican judicial system!!!!

Again, thank you for your prayers, thank you for your support. We appreciate them so much. Please pray for work to continue on our house, for safety and health as we travel and work. That our time at the conference next week would be a good time of networking and fellowship and that our last week in Canada will go well!
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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