Saturday, May 19, 2012

Warm Fuzzies

 Last week we purchased thirty warm fuzzy blankets at the market- one for each of our Amigo orphan children! Its the cold time of year now, and warm blankets are TOP on everyones lists of requests. I love seeing how excited they are when they get these blankets. Without the many sponsors who donate each month to assist these children, we could not afford to bless them with these blankets to keep them warm. So thank you to all the sponsors- you make this possible! :)
 Aside from blankets,  I got to go with Francois to hand out some clothing donated by a team from Polokwane South Africa. It was lots of fun to bless the kids and their grannies. 
 Tito (holding the blanket) and his grannie, Mae Marosa. the other children are some extended family members and a few neighbor kids who were over playing for the day and ended up with some t-shirts!
 This little guy just stole my heart. :)
 Some more community kids who received some blessings- the little girl on the right has a stomach so swollen from malnutrition/worms it just makes my heart sad.
 In other news, the guys have started sanding all the boards for the ceiling of the house. Rick showed them how to do it, and they have been hard at work ever since!
 And last but not least, this is NOT a warm fuzzy at all- a picture of a BIG scorpion that made his way into Tendai's play area last weekend- ACK! Thankfully she saw it and told us before anything happened!
We also had a huge Black Mamba snake slither by our house this week- Magyver our little dog went NUTS- thankfully he eventually listened and came back but its a miracle the snake did not attack him. Please pray for safety for us, and the dogs, and especially for Tendai as she plays outside. Rick is gone this week, so I feel especially paranoid about it all! He returns later this week, after ten days of seminars, planning, certificate ceremonies and long days of driving. We appreciate prayers for his time of ministry up north, for safety and health as he travels and for us here at the farm while he is away.
We also appreciate your prayers for our house project fund. We praise the Lord for the amazing progress we have seen on the house. It has also been nice to spend some time with the Orphan Kids lately.
Thanks so much for joining us in prayer, support and in Praising God for the awesome things we get to be a part of here!
Rick, Heather & Tendai

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