Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

this just makes me feel like "Easter!"

Blessings! We have had a great week here at the farm, despite Tendai having another round of malaria (thankfully a not so bad one, that she is bouncing back quickly from!) a bad incident with a propane tank and a green mamba snake tried to "get" Tendai at our front door as well! On monday we delivered the monthly food amounts to the orphan homes- taking with us a group of volunteers from South Africa who were interested in learning about the Amigo Orphan Program and how we "do" ministry here.
It was a blessing to be able to share with them!
I had the opportunity to hand out a stuffed dolly to one of the newer children in the program. Angelina has never had a dolly before- and was beyond thrilled to get one. The doll was donated by folks from a church in Fort McMurray, AB, to give to children in the orphan program, along with numerous coloring books, crayons, sweets and small toys and school supplies. The kids were so excited to receive the gifts, but none more so than Angelina and her granny with the gorgeous little dolly.

This picture just makes me smile. Such weathered hands holding a fluffy and soft doll... :)
  Granny Lolieta shows me her basin- a plastic basin that she has patched up (you can see its nearly split in half!) ... first with some sap and "gum" type substance, and now she is SEWING it! wow. 
This is Farai's notebook, with the food chain depicted. Was really exciting to see how much detail he put into his notes.... and that they were completely readable! (handwriting is a struggle for many kids here so its exciting to see he is doing well!)

And one final picture... Tendai helping daddy learn how to ride her bike. What a good helper!

Thanks so much to our faithful prayer supporters back home. As I mentioned, weve had a great week, but a lot of scary incidents also! When those things happen we KNOW it is the prayers of the faithful back home, lifting us up in prayer on a regular basis that make it possible for us to continue here.

Prayer Requests this week-
Safety & Health
Travel Safety
That work will continue well on our house
That our ministry funds, as well as our house funds will continue to come in

Praise Reports-
Tendai is over her malaria and was protected from the snake.
We had a fabulous Easter Weekend fellowshipping with friends and refreshing our souls!
The center wall on our house is NEARLY complete! Yay!

God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai!

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