Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hi all- its been a busy month (August) but we are so glad that we made it thru, happy, healthy and SAFE! God has shown us numerous times in the past month that He is our Protector and we are so thankful for that! Weve had alot going on recently and so Im just going to do a quick update post and post a few videos!
Rick got back from up north last week and was full of awesome stories about what God is doing in our pastor training extension schools up north! It is awesome to see so many female church leaders taking up the challenge to be educated and study! He was able to see some pastor associations that are really going out of their way to reach out to the orphans in their area, and fellowship with pastors who have a dream to plant gardens and grow healthy food.
Tendai and I were VERY happy to have Rick home- two weeks is much to long for me! (i know, i know.. im a wimp!)

Work on our house has been progressing slowly but surely- We are nearing the end of the "foundation" stage, and hope to have the floor poured by mid-October. Heres a video for those of you interested in knowing what our house looks like at the moment!  
We look forward to having a home where our kids (we hope one day to have more than one!) can play safely and can sleep in actual bedrooms. We look forward to having kitchen cupboards and a place for our kitchen table... and we especially look forward to having a guest room... so we can have MORE VISITORS!!! (hint hint)

And just in case you are wondering why we are out here... aside from the training work we do with pastors and church leaders, aside from supervising construction projects galore on the farm... we are here to help raise up a generation of young people in Mozambique, who Love God... and who want to serve Him. Many of the children we work with are orphans. This is a video we played in several churches when we were home on furlough, but I dont think it made it onto the blog. I hope you enjoy it!

We hope to get a few more videos done soon to show you some of the amazing things we saw up north and as we packed and delivered the orphan care packs, as well as developments on our house. Please join with us in praying that funds will start to come in for our house fund. The funds we have now will allow us to finish pouring the floor (we hope) but we will need to raise some more before we can really get going on the walls (and plumbing and electrical and, and, and....). We need to free up the short term cottage for other staff in need of a place to stay, and get into a house that is more suited for a family with kids!
Thanks so much for the prayers... we appreciate them so much!
God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai

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