Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Video and a opportunity for some Fun!

Hi all, this promo video is for the Golf Tournament Fundraiser that a group from our Home Church, who will be visiting us next year, will be hosting. This is a group of 8 Teenagers and 4 adults, who working in conjunction with another charity (proceeds raised by those golfing for "our" group will go towards our  fund, not to the other charity, and vice versa) from our home town, are aiming to raise money to help our  work in Mozambique. We are super excited to see this event happen and cant wait to see how it goes. Please join with us in praying that it goes well and that the team hosting it will be able to get all the details covered and will grow together as a team as they work together on such a large project. ( In my head I keep seeing old episodes of "The Apprentice" and how they had to organize and host golf tournaments... AHHHH!!!... though ours wont be quite that star studded of an event!!   or maybe it could be... hmmmmm)

Participants need to raise a minimum of  $ 250, but the team has put out the challenge to everyone to try and raise at least $1000, there are amazing prizes available to be won including a boat, a quad and a motorcycle! (at this time I dont know the exact specifications)  The tournament will be  Saturday August 27th, at LaVerendrye Golf Course,and your minimum $250 will cover the 7 am breakfast and your 8 am tee off green fees as well! We'd love for folks to join with them at the tournament!
 If you are interested in promoting or donating towards the event, sponsoring a participant, or even better- participating yourself, please get in Contact with Carter Krahn of Grunthal Abundant Life Fellowship in Grunthal 204- 434-6829

Also, for those out of province who think they might like to host a similar event, this video can be changed to suit your needs, please contact us for more info!

In other News, the same group will be hosting a Cow Poop Bingo at the Grunthal Ag Days- and really, who DOESNT want to play Cow Poop Bingo??!!! (dont worry.. you dont have to touch Cow Poop to play) You just have to purchase a "bingo" card, mark off the squares you want and then see where the cow will poop first! (in a marked field)- whoever's chosen square he poops on wins! I had never heard of this till Carter and his wife Leanne explained it to me one day.. but I gotta admit.. its pretty funny! I believe they will also be doing a number of other things at Ag days and in the next few months as fundraisers for their upcoming trip out here!  Gotta love creative fundraising!

God Bless, Rick, Heather & Tendai Neufeld

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