Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Countdown... to Takeoff!!

Rick Preaching at DaySpring Fellowship in St. Anne MB.

Today it is 34 Days until we get on the plane to start the long long journey home to Mozambique!

Teaching a Shona Song to our Awana Group at Abundant Life Fellowship, Grunthal, MB

But that doesnt mean we are sitting at home counting the days! Quite the opposite really- now comes the flurry of last minute visits and crazyness, speaking at new places every week, and trying to figure out how and what we are all going to bring back with us!

Being prayed over by the children at AWANA.

games time with the kids... lots of fun was had!

 demonstrating how heavy the water bottles our kids back home have to carry are, this leader would fit right in back home!

working together helps!

Rick answers some questions.

another african style game.

With all the speaking and visiting, there is still alot of 'family' stuff that has to get done, like Tendai's first Dental visit- to the best Childrens Dentist ever! This place ROCKED! (i was so glad i brought my camera!)

Watching the TV above the chair

Dr. Biber works his magic

Tendai, Grandma and me (Mom) hosted a Baby Shower for Baby Colin, my sister Brenda's brand new bundle of joy... he is adorable and Tendai is quite fond of kissing him.

posing in her pretty new "hosting a party" dress.

giving aunty a break... since we wont get to see him again till hes nearly 3 years old, we are spending as much time as possible cuddling Baby Colin!!

Well, there you have it, Our week in a blur of Photos! Please continue to pray for us as we keep visiting, fellowshipping and sharing about our work. We cant wait to be back home, but we are dreading saying goodbye to family and friends again!
Another huge prayer request is that the funds will begin to come in for our big project for this year- The construction of our permanent home in Mozambique. Thank you again for all your prayers and support!
Rick, Heather & Tendai

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L. Lagore said...

Nice post Heather, and Tendai is toooo cute going in that little door!