Monday, January 18, 2010


Today has been a long day. We are desperatly trying to arrange travel documents allowing us to go to South Africa with Tendai to meet Rick's parents. However at this time it will literally take God intervening in the process for it to happen. We know HE can... and we pray HE will.  
I promise to blog this week yet, I know im a bit late with that, but for now, if those who read this blog could pray for a) that travel documents can be arranged and b) rain for all of mozambique.. if rain does not come soon we will have a very bad hunger situation here!
Ill try to blog with some photos later this week.
Thanks in advance to all the prayer warriors who lift us up before our Heavenly Father when we are tired, frustrated and dont understand what is going on! Blessings, Rick, Heather and Tendai.

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Anonymous said...

We're keeping you in our prayers. I can't imagine all the stress and things involved with everything. Hang in there!