Saturday, November 7, 2009

VBS 2009

Tendai has been enjoying VBS... ALOT!
Dancing with Daddy!
Her favourite part is the Puppets.... she absolutly loves them. giggles and gasps, and squeals and jumps...
Glenn and Keren doing their thing... they are totally rocking the puppets!
One of the girls making coke bottle cap earrings that will be sent back to Canada to use for a fundraiser for the school.
The cookie game... always a favorite.
We have invited all the kids in our orphan program to come to the school VBS this year.. this is Tito... having a BLAST. ( he is very serious about this game!)
I love this hat and bean bag game... its hilarious to watch.
Little Isabel, you may remember her from last year... still stealing my heart!
Keren teaching some health classes to the kids... she did all the illustrations herself!
Glenn, hanging out with the kids.. and making some friends.
Little "david" in Kerens helmet and Ricks Camo Pants (aka.. the kings armor)
Making beaded neckaces... I would say more about VBS... but really- I think the smiles of all these kids really say it all!
IN other news... the new truck should be arriving this week. PTL! Also, we have given all the paperwork to the social workers here and are hoping to get the proccess going! Please keep praying as we continue with VBS, and so many other ministries here! 
Blessings! Rick, Heather & Tendai!

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