Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thumbs Up!

Last week on food delivery day we got lots of "Thumbs Up's!" That's kinda how I feel about our experience so far here in Mozambique. There have been tough times, and times when we have been lonely and tired, but for the most part- Thumb's Up would describe how I feel. We know this is where God has called us, and it is exciting to see how we are fitting into the work here. As we enter this new year we can look back (and forward) and give a definete Two Thumbs Up !
This week we have been here alone on the farm for the first time since moving to Mozambique, with both Francois& Alta and Dwight & Lynn in South Africa. We have managed to keep things going and nothing has been destroyed yet so I guess we are doing OK. I thought this week I would simply post some pictures from the past week, to show you what goes on around here!

The new roof on Liria's house!! Its almost done! If you would like to contribute towards the cost of this let us know!

Another crazy rain storm brought our river level WAY up.

Gabriel ( aparently taking my concern for his safety seriously) tied a rope around his waist before going down to take out our river pump in case the water rose any higher.

When it rains so hard the river turns a chocolate milk shade of brown.

A work-for-food program participant works to clear land for our training centre with a young baby tied to her back.

Rick installing ceiling board in Dwight and Lynn's place- now THIS is progress!!

And of course... here is a pic of the giant spider rick killed for me..

and the machete he used to kill it!!

Have a great week- and thanks again for the prayers. We have had several crazy storms recently, with a lot of lightning striking near here. We apreciate your prayers for our safety! God Bless, Rick & Heather

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