Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a week!

Although our week has been buy busy busy busy... I have very few pictures to show for it! Or maybe it is because we have been so busy that I have so few pictures! We made four trips to town in 3 days this past week. (one day we went twice!) As much as I love seeing civilization, four times is a bit much in one week... especially in our truck whose air conditioning went kaput on tuesday! Praise the Lord we did not have to journey to Zimbabwe for our visas! Our paperwork is in at the DHL office in town, and we will be able to apply for our DIRE's this Monday. PTL!!! It will be tight getting them in time for our trip to SA, so we will still need a lot of prayer in regards to that. We know God is more than able to provide for our needs. dust rising from the floor as small girls and the women dance/shuffle in a circle We spent today back at the little church in our community that inspired my African Church services blog a few weeks back. As I have few other pictures from the week, I thought I would post a few more pictures from todays service. It was again a time of worship that I definetly enjoyed. Rick preaching, and his translator (Matthew wasnt here today) trying to look up bible verses while balancing her daughter on her back! dancing up a storm! praying for the women and children at the end of the service Kim making friends with a baby.

Tomorow morning we kick off our VBS down at Mucombeze primary school. ( The mission's school) Please pray for good weather, a good time of fun and fellowship with the kids, and that everyone will learn what it means to be a hero for God!!!! We are focusing primarily on young people in the Bible and how God can use even young people to be heros for Him. Tomorow we are starting with Joseph, and then others we will look at include Daniel, David, Esther, Joshua, Moses etc. We are planning to have lots of water games to keep us cool, and are looking forward to some uniquely African crafts- for example.. Monkey Apple Painting!

monkey apple before..... and after!
We are doing well here, and are beginning ever so slowly to adjust to the heat. Renovations on our temporary home will hopefully be starting soon, and work on Dwight and Lynn's place keeps on coming along. We are so grateful for all the prayer warriors and financial supporters we have. Please continue to pray for health, safety on the road, our vehicle, and of course our VBS!
God Bless,
Rick and Heather
p.s. keep your eyes open for the next post with VBS pictures!!!!

this little guy danced for almost the entire service.. what a cutie!!

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