Monday, November 12, 2007

The Gift Puppy

God is so awesome and so faithful. God promises that as we seek after Him and His will, that he will always take care of us and meet our needs. Heather and I both know that God has called us to move to Africa, to serve the hurting, hungry, and sick in Mozambique. Before we can do that we need to both pay off our existing debts, (Line of credit, and student loan) and find people willing to financially partner with us in supporting us in our calling. We have had many people come on board to help us in raising our mission support, and we have also had people graciously give us money personally to help with our debt.
This has been so much appreciated and such an answer to prayer. That is where the Gift Puppy comes in.
In the last couple of weeks God has has used several friends to help us rapidly pay off our student loan. Finally, we were getting close to paying off one of our two debts. Only $1500 left. $300 we had in savings for the next payment, and then a friend sends us $500, and quickly we are down to Just over $700. Then this Sunday we are approached by somebody from our church who gave us almost exactly what we needed- $800, and a story about God's faithfulness.
You see she had a friend who regularily sold puppies, and felt that they should commit to bless one puppy buyer from each litter by giving them the puppy for free. They would pick a puppy from each litter before they were sold and when the lucky buyer went to pay for the puppy they would find out they got it for free. What a blessing. But what happens when her friends dog has complication and only 1 puppy, a c-section and an expensive vet bill. Do they honour their commitment to give away the only puppy, or do they sell it to help with the vet bill. Well, despite a huge loss of income with no puppies to sell the owners suprise the lucky buyer of thier only puppy as they continue to gift a puppy. Now, despite making nothing they still have to pay an expensive vet bill. That's were it get's interesting. When they go to pay the vet bill they find out that it has already been paid in full. You see, without them knowing it, one of the people who worked on the dog, was the one who purchased the puppy. They then, realizing the sacrifice made, paid the vet bill. God is awesome.
This story in turn inspired our friends to also gift a puppy. They decided that they would take the proceeds and return some to the owner, and then gift the rest to help us get to Africa. And it only gets better. When she spoke to the lucky puppy owner they not only said that they would like to give their gift to help us, but that they would do it receipt free and direct to us for the student loan. So praise the Lord. Thanks to so many friends, and the cutest little puppy, we will be paying off our student loan in full this week. Now we are down to one loan, and raising support and we head for Africa. God is so awesome.
Thanks to all our friends in Grunthal, Killarney, and around the country who are showing us such love and support as we prepare for Africa. We love you guys.

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