Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One Step Closer

Praise the Lord, we are yet another step closer to our goal of moving to Mozambique. A lot has happened since the last time we posted an entry and we are excited to fill everybody in on the progress. First, we sold much of what we own in a garage sale. It was awesome and we were able to make just short of $1000 to help us in preparing for Africa. Not only that, but it is an awesome feeling as you begin to free yourself of money and possessions. We do still own a lot of stuff, but we have begun the process for Africa, and eliminated so many non-essentials. We were also able to fill a van (packed) to the ceiling with stuff for charity which was also a great feeling. Second, we are getting ready to move to Grunthal. This is a very exciting move for us, as it is the last step before we head to Africa. Our goal in moving to Grunthal is to be close to our family and home church as well as to pay off the debt we have before leaving for Africa. As of next week, Heather and I will be able to call a garage our home. We are moving into my parents garage so that we do not have debt to pay. This should get us to Africa a couple months sooner. Small price to pay for a dream. That, and we will likely be living in a tent when we first move to Africa anyways. Finally, and most exciting is that we have officially be accepted as missionaries with SAM Ministries. We spent this last week in Edmonton visiting the board there, and it ended with us being taken on board as part of the SAM Team. What an answer to prayer. God is soo good. Now, all that is left is to pay off debt, and raise the support needed for heading to the mission field. What a blessing it has been to see God answer prayer. Especially as we have already had some people say that they will commit to sponsoring us in Africa. Awesome, and if that is you, Thanks so Much. We just want to say thanks to everybody out their who has supported us with prayer in these last months. It has been a really blessing in our lives. So, stay tuned as we begin to give you more frequent updates and info in the near future. So for now, to learn more about what we will be doing just check out our links. Yours in Christ Rick

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