Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our first "REAL" post

Woohooo! I think I actually have this slightly figured out! ( minor miracle!) Anyways- this is a blog to let our friends and family and supporters keep up to date on how the two of us our doing. We have just recently given our resignation at the church where we have been youth pastoring for nearly 3 yrs. At the end of May we will be done, and moving back to our hometown to hopefully pay off our debt really quickly and then, Lord willing, be in Mozambique by sometime in 2008!
Our hearts have been so passionate for Africa and serving God's people there, it sometimes is so hard to wait for His timing- and then there are other times when it seems like His timing might be a bit faster than ours. Thru various ways our debt is being reduced so much faster than we ever thought possible. God is amazing and faithfull to His promises when we follow His guidance! Praise God for the many blessing we have recieved even just this past week- enabling us to double our monthly payment on our loan this month!
Another major issue in our lives right now is adoption. We are currently waiting to get on the adoption list here in Manitoba- but our window of time to adopt is looking smaller and smaller- at least for a domestic ( here in Canada) adoption. It is sometimes hard for us (particularly Heather) to trust and know that God will make a way for the child HE wants us to have, to be ready for us- and to trust Him for His timing, not ours.
In health news- Ricks shoulder has been acting up again- we could use a lot of prayer for that . Heather has just gotten over a minor bout of bronchitis and is feeling much better.
Well- I dont have much else to say in this, our first real post on this blog, maybe next time I'll explain the title of the blog to those who dont know yet! Hopefully I'll keep this updated pretty regularly ( hopefully i'll have news so its interesting updates too!) Love ya all!

p.s. the pic is of Heather with one of many orphaned babies we met on our trip to Kenya in 2005- this little one in particular captured Heather's heart - her three yr old brother had been "taking care" of her for several days by the time anyone noticed their mother was gone.